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dear nath,
im not changing my background from "gay men kissing" to your lil kid picture. although it's pretty damn cute, i must say....

you're cool and i still think that the greatest thing you ever said to me was (after a concert) "i've had better." hahaha you crazy mexican.

NathanG888: hey...i wanna read your live journal but you don't have a link
bluepixiedust26: lol
bluepixiedust26: you have to sign up for a journal to read it anyways
NathanG888: fuck that game
bluepixiedust26: i mean you really dont wanna read i love nathan gonzalez that many times anyways
NathanG888: lol....yeah whatever

i'm gonna make you one, hold on...........OKAY. its done. you are now imnotamexican well, it seems like my job is done.
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haha you're the coolest cyn. i wish i was your friend....

haha. and i got a kick out of that "i've had better" comment.
hahah you silly girl
you ARE my friend, duh.
and YOU are the coolest for sure.
haha! he even looks buff as a baby! oh that crazy nathan!
hahaha. i <3 nath, and i <3 you!!1